Nurturing and celebrating a lifetime in music

The Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers is a renowned chorus located in Fort Myers, Florida. Synonymous with powerful vocals, harmonic sounds and thrilling performances, the Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers has gripped audiences with performances of beloved masterworks and world premiere pieces.

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

As we reflect on the history of the Mastersingers, we see many parallels between how we started and where we are today – facing challenges and circumstances no one could have ever predicted. Through it all, we’ve remained committed to Singing On – harnessing the enduring power of connection through music. 

Now it’s time to look forward to the next 20 years! You can count on us to Sing On, and we invite you to join us as a singer... be our guest at an upcoming performance... and add your support as we bring the community together in song!

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About Our Chorus

The People Behind the Voices

The Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers is a select ensemble of singers who enjoy a reputation of musical excellence. Now in its 20th season, the Mastersingers is the premiere choral ensemble in Southwest Florida. The Mastersingers' mission is to share significant choral works from classical composers as well as innovative new compositions. Each season, the Mastersingers perform celebrated works in self-produced concerts as well as performances in conjunction with other talented musicians and ensembles in Southwest Florida.

Concert Calendar

As a chorus of gifted singers and committed ensemble members, the Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers sings to serve the hearts and souls of audiences wherever we perform. Each performance offers a unique and sensational experience that promises to leave audiences asking for more. Browse our concert calendar to find out where we’ll be performing next, and purchase tickets.

Support the Music

Keep The Chorus Alive


There’s no way that the Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers could be an advocate for the arts and culture in Southwest Florida without the support of its patrons. The Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. There are many different ways of getting involved. Find out how you can help keep a lifetime of music alive for generations to come!

Music for the Ages

Press Play

From classic masterworks to contemporary Broadway tunes, the Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers performs music for the ages. Click to watch some of our best work.


6900 Daniels Pkwy, Suite 29-193, Fort Myers, FL 33912, USA

(239) 288-2535

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